Monday, April 12, 2010

I wish myself

Some birth affirmations to help me welcome (giving birth to) our littlest one :

My baby is strong and healthy

My baby is safe and birth is easy and smooth

My cervix is opening and allows my baby to move down

My body knows exactly what to do

I trust my body to know what it needs to do

My baby will come when he is ready

I recover quickly and remain healthy

Untapped sources of strength and patience are available to me

I welcome my labor as the perfect one for me, my baby and my family

I welcome my beautiful, healthy baby into the world

My baby feels my joy

I welcome this opportunity to grow, learn and change

My muscles work in harmony to ease the baby into the world gently and smoothly

My breath is strong, deep and easy

I love and trust my body

I trust my intuition

My baby will come at the perfect moment

I receive all the love and support I need

I feel happy, safe and strong

My baby receives all the love and nourishment he needs

Emma continues to feel happy, safe and loved

I have unlimited patience and resources of energy and love

I am a wonderful mother to both my children

I am a wonderful mother to myself

I am a wonderful partner to my love

This is a beautiful time in our lives

I wish myself and my family all of the above


Janset Acar said...

Good luck!!!!!

Isla said...

I love your affirmations Sandra : )

I wish for you that this next journey into motherhood connects perfectly
with all that you have now.

Love Isla xxx

J. said...

Let us know if the affirmations worked during contractions! (I had to apologize to the midwives for a severe case of potty mouth during mine ;-)

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I love your affirmations.
I am thinking of you and look forward to the first picture of your baby boy.
Lots of Love from Eva