Tuesday, April 20, 2010

40 weeks pregnant!

... and really, nothing seems to be going on here. Were I not aware of what date it is, I could just as well be 7 months pregnant. No cramps, no contractions, no water breaking, no bleeding.
Just a little more tired (mainly due to the fact that my spring allergies have set in and that Emma has been getting up really early enthusiastic to see her Gogo) and less movement from the baby (which is a bit strange...); he still hiccups and moves but less frequently and less energetically. I've read both that this is normal due to lack of space since he is now full term and the contrary, that he should be moving all the time now.

So, today, as planned with my Obgyn at our last appointment two weeks ago, I'll be heading to the clinic for a baby heart rate monitoring at 10am after which we will discuss options depending on the results.

There - all there is to this update.


VillaJanse said...

my dear, i guess your wish to have it happened in the weekend did not come true...good luck at the hospital today, i hope they have good news for you.
meanwhile i will go for a check up this evening, if we would go for a c-section 4th of may, then 2 weeks more to go!! we have very hot weather these days towards 40 degrees in cairo, very humid, so i spend my days inside the house where it is cool..

Sandra said...

Hi Mer,
hope the end of the pregnancy is not too tough in the heat and that your check-up goes well. ;-)

Still no news from our baby but everything was ok at the hospital, thanks!